Over thirty years of experience in the sector

Nautica Salpa was founded in 1984, gathering the experience gained over thirty years by Antonio and Enza Pane in the pleasure boat sector.

Entrepreneurial dynamism and technological innovation are the elements that have always characterized the company's activity, quickly determining its success on the market with boats of a high quality and technological level.

Innovative aeronautical-derived technologies

Applied extensively for the first time in the pleasure boating sector.

This allowed us to obtain superb seaworthiness qualities, excellent maneuverability, better performance, greater structural strength, lower weight, reduced consumption.

Care of the entire production cycle

The result of a careful investment and research policy which has allowed us to obtain the optimization of all phases of the production process.

The most advanced production technologies allow us to take care of everything from design development to tank testing.

Careful planning and qualitative research

The boats are born from a severe design obtained with the use of sophisticated application software and from a continuous search for style trends.

Our range of boats are aesthetically beautiful, have strong seafaring qualities, surprising living capacities, high know-how.

Nautica Salpa today reaps the fruits of a careful investment and research policy and focuses on a very high quality product at a competitive price which can be obtained thanks to the optimization of all phases of the production process.

The Salpa boats are the result of the research and development activity carried out by the technical office in collaboration with the "Composite Materials Engineering Department of the University of Naples Federico II".