1 - Sviluppo

Safety, reliability and maintenance are the inspiring cornerstones of the SALPA construction and design philosophy.

For our designer safety is paramount, the maintenance of the boats is easy to last over time and to retain the original characteristics.

SALPA boats are developed from a rigorous design obtained through the use of sophisticated software and a continuous research for style trends.

Today, the shipyard, with strong market share in Europe (around 70% of production is sold in France, Spain, Croatia, Slovenia, Russia), aims to increase the market in South America and Asia.

The shipyard now has a range of boats capable of attracting attention:

Salpa’s products are masterpiece of innovation and creative design;

Every ride whit the delta hull is engineered to be agile, responsive, intuitive and as powerful as you want it to be;

The study of the interior designer allow to have surprising housing capacities and an intelligent use of space;

High know-how due to the construction of boats with "full-infusion" technology.


The production area of Salpa covers a total area of ​​approximately 35,000 square meters, of which

8000 square meters of covered area intended for production.

1000sqm intended for offices and business center.

26000sqm intended for uncovered areas directly adjacent to the A1 Rome / Naples motorway near the km 725, which gives great visibility to the construction site.

 All the most advanced production technologies are currently present within the production site to manage the entire production of manufacture in large amounts.

 The software, machinery, systems and equipments of the entire production site represent the tailor-made applied to the production of pleasure boats in the length range from 5 meters to 20 meters.


Nautica Salpa is today a company capable of carrying out the entire product cycle of a boat internally, being able to autonomously cover the following phases:


1. Design development.

2. Advanced three-dimensional design.

3. Realization of scale models.

4. Realization of numerically controlled milled models.

5. Realization of direct pre-series molds.

6. Making the molds

7. Handling and storage of the molds

8. Lamination of boats in equipped and air-conditioned rooms.

9. Realization and painting of internal and external furnishings.

10. Final assembly in logistically equipped structures.

11. Testing in the tank

Azienda Nautica Salpa
3 -Tecnologia
6 -Taglio Tessuti Vetro
7 - Infusione Scafo 18 metri
8 - Assemblaggio
9 - Vasca
10 - Navigazione


“Passion & Innovation" 

Since more of thirty years, are the principles wich have lead Salpa to the realization of the first boat.

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