Nautica Salpa was founded in 1984 and brings together the experience matured from over thirty years by Antonio and Enza Pane in the sector of recreational craft.

Entrepreneurial dynamism and technological innovation are the elements that have always characterized the activity of determining the claim in a short time on the market with boats of high quality and technology.

Nautica Salpa now gathers the benefits of a careful policy of investment and research and pointing at a very high quality product at a competitive price that can be obtained by optimizing all stages of the production process.

Salpa boats are the result of research and development performed by the technical department  in collaboration with the "engineering department of composite materials, University of Naples Federico II".

Innovative technologies are applied deriving from aeronautics for the first time extensively in the sector of yachting.

Superbe qualities of seaworthiness, excellent maneuverability, better performance, greater structural strength, lower weight and reduced fuel consumption, combined with innovative manufacturing processes with low environmental impact were the objectives achieved by the investment policy of Salpa.



“Passion & Innovation" 

Since more of thirty years, are the principles wich have lead Salpa to the realization of the first boat.

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